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Marketing iPhone and Android Apps

Got a brilliant idea for an app that you think will take the world by storm? You approached a company that develops apps for the iPhone or Android and you built the app!

What now?

A few facts to give you a perspective...

Apple's AppStore currently has over 550,000 apps, and some 1,000 new apps are uploaded every day, not to mention the growing market for Android; Android Market has over 350,000 apps, and the numbers are growing by the day.

An iPhone or Android app, no matter how good it is, needs exposure. To stand out among almost half a million apps is no easy task, by any means!

There are many ways to market and advertise your app to a general audience both pre-launch, by creating a buzz and the desire to download the app even before it appears in the AppStore, and post-launch, after the app has been uploaded to the app store.

This is where we come in to the picture. AppGate specializes in providing marketing solutions for both the AppStore and Android Market.
AppGate possesses a range of tools to market your application and to raise awareness about it among smartphone users, from selection of the right keywords and writing of an enticing page of information in the app store, to writing promotional articles in various blogs - AppGate has contacts with with over 500 bloggers in Israel and worldwide, providing general exposure to millions of web surfers who receive daily updates about Apple and Android - as well as ads on television and radio, in the press and other media channels, all as a function of your advertising budget.

The marketing approach for each application is different, depending on the target audience, the purpose of the application, and the need that its meets. AppGate will advise you and accompany you in all matters pertaining to the marketing of your apps in Israel and worldwide.

We will expose your app to the relevant audience and convert this exposure into maximized downloads and drive it up the app store rankings.

You already have an app in the AppStore or Android Market and you are trying to find a way to market it? We are here at your service. Contact us today - fill out the form and our representative will get back to you.

Refael Naim, Co-Founder Drincare
I would definitely recommend working with ''AppGate Mobile'' Their team is super professional, attentiveness, high quality products and a fair price It was great to work with them.Thank you AppGate!

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We are always excited to hear from passionate
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Do you have a new challenge for us?
We are always excited to hear from passionate
people and see how we can help them change the world.

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